Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hello Blogger people. It's been a while... Well, I guess this is the part where I rant for a few paragraphs discussing what I have been up to and how my school year ended and how my summer has been, as well as how my mixing has been coming along for the past 6 months. My school year was great. I learned a lot about myself: what I can do, and how I do what I do. Ultimately, that is really important. Anyway, I discovered how much I love music, as well as art, and iPhoneography. First, lets talk about the music.

So, at my school (Masters Academy of Fine Arts), I realized how much I love playing instruments. It's what I do. I play guitar, bass, piano, and the ukulele. I really enjoy playing music, and it's just so refreshing when I learn how to play certain songs on the instruments that I play, and I love writing music as well. That's also something I have been doing a lot of lately. I have written at least 10 songs on my acoustic guitar (most of which are jazz songs) in the past 5 months. Something that has also really made me love music is how much I am getting involved in publicly. I love performing for other people and I will be glad when I am able to perform for people more often. In the past 5 months, I have also been DJing and making mixes. These mixes vary in styles and genres, but lately I have found myself making beats that are heavily influenced by Hip-Hop and Dub, as well as Trip-Hop. So, I have spent a lot of my time editing these beats that I have since I have made so many, and when the time is right, I will definitely post them all for you guys to hear. 

Secondly, I have found myself making art, whether it be making mixed media pieces influenced by street art, or even drawings of landscapes. I have been doing lots of art related things, including going to see exhibitions of handmade art, and graphic design pieces as well. This all is inspiring me to keep making more art, and I'm thankful that I'm so fortunate to have the opportunity and ability to keep working at all of this because I love doing this. Also, even though it might not be directly related to the subject, I love iPhoneography as well. 'nuff said.

I will hopefully post on this blog more. Lately, I have just been wrapped up in other things. But for now, goodbye, and stay tuned for more posts and links to my mixes.